AIPSA is a voluntary Association formed by Insolvency Practitioners in 1986. Membership is approximately 300, the majority of which are accountants or attorneys. The balance are Professional Liquidators.

Main objectives:

  • Uphold and improve standards of professionalism and qualifications of practitioners.
  • Encourage the study of the Laws relating to insolvency and administration of assets and liabilities of Isolvent Individuals, Corporations or Companies.
  • Initiateand promote improvements to the Law of Insolvency and the practice of the law in co-operation with relevant Government Departments.

AIPSA is administered by a Council of 12 members and has a strict disciplinary code.

AIPSA initiated a one year Insolvency Diploma which is now offered by two South African Universities.

AIPSA aspires to become a statutory body.The Master of the High Court supports this move. A new draft SA Insolvency Bill will ensure that Liquidators and Trustees must be members of a registered statutory body such as AIPSA.

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